How Long Does the Honda Civic Last?


When people decide to choose a new Honda vehicle, such as the Honda Civic they are factoring in that Honda vehicles are known for longevity, and that's especially true with a vehicle like the Civic as you see plenty of them on the road for many years and miles. So, that means the question that gets asked a lot is how long will the Honda Civic last? That's a question we want to answer at Classic Honda of Texoma.

The answer is a long time, but there is a best course of action to follow. A Honda Civic is no stranger to lasting 10- to 15- to 20-years if it is well taken care of, which means keeping service appointments regular at suggested intervals. For the first five years of ownership with your vehicle, many engine and other maintenance services are covered under your warranty, so it's always in your best interest to keep your service up to date especially in that time frame. It's also smart to see service and maintenance specialists like those here at Classic Honda of Texoma, because we have all the latest tools, technology, parts and equipment that will give your Honda standout value and vehicle integrity, which goes a long way in getting your Civic to go the distance.

With the right care and being on top of things, there is no reason a Civic can't last 250,000 miles, 20 years, or more. If you have any questions about vehicle care, or the Civic and all the features onboard the new models here in our showroom, we'd be happy to provide you with the details, answer any questions and arrange a test drive today.

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